14th Annual Pulse of Talent: Navigating the great workforce balancing act

Learn how to strike the ideal workforce balance to drive results

What you'll learn:

What motivates today’s workers and how to sustainably drive employee productivity

How your employees really view AI and technology in the workplace

Steps you can take today to master today’s great balancing act

Today’s employers are caught in a balancing act – walking a fine line between employee flexibility and rigorous compliance, worker expectations and budget realities, and empathy and productivity. 

In Dayforce’s 14th Annual Pulse of Talent, we explored how more than 8,700 global workers experience the new world of work. Our findings reveal that many employees feel their employer’s priorities are tipping out of balance and away from their best interests amid rapid change.  

This poses a challenge for leaders who are feeling increased pressure to drive productivity and overcome ongoing labor shortages. Our findings showed that 69% of workers surveyed are a flight risk, despite an uncertain job market. And organizational changes employers made in the past year increased employee stress and burnout, while decreasing loyalty, motivation, and productivity.  

So, how do employers drive results without driving away or demotivating top talent? Download our Pulse of Talent report to learn more.

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