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Building a community-first mindset with the Dayforce Community

The Dayforce Community offers users a space to learn and grow together. Our VP of Customer Success, Nicci Williamson, explains our community-first mindset.


Today’s workforce challenges can be difficult to solve on your own. You need a community of like-minded people ready to share strategies and maximise tools to address business needs. The Dayforce Community is one such place where Dayforce users from around the world come together to ask questions, learn, problem solve, and more. To get the full story on the Dayforce Community, we connected with Nicci Williamson, Dayforce’s VP of Customer Success. 

What is the Dayforce Community? What kinds of resources can you find there? 

Nicci Williamson: The Dayforce Community is a central point for connection and conversation among Dayforce users worldwide. We seek to create community-first resources that help Dayforce customers learn and grow with one another. Some of the ways Dayforce users interact in our community is through completing self-service activities, perusing our expansive library of knowledge base articles, connecting in discussion forums, and forming internal groups. Dayforce Community gives users a place where they can find opportunities to optimise Dayforce and troubleshoot roadblocks. 

For you, what does it mean to have a "community-first" mindset? 

Nicci: For me, being community-first as a company means thinking about our product in terms of how people are using it. Dayforce users are experiencing the tool in a community of others – whether that’s with teammates in their own organisation or with peer users in similar industries and company sizes. One way we create this sense of community is through our Dayforce Mentors Group that connects new Dayforce customers to more experienced ones. Being community-first also means that we listen to what our customers are saying to us and implement suggested features to our product – which we cover during our innovation keynote at INSIGHTS every year. Lastly, our community-first mindset means making a dependable, helpful space for users to gather, participate in guided programming, and take advantage of the resources we have to offer. 

What is the Dayforce Blueprint program? How does it support users in the onboarding stage? 

Nicci: The Dayforce Blueprint program is a way to onboard customers that provides curated Dayforce resources, best practices recommendations, and advocacy activities to nurture their Dayforce journey. After onboarding, My Blueprint guides users to connect with peers, provide product feedback, and volunteer to participate in customer activities. And, participation in these activities allows users to earn Community points, recognition, and badges. 

We launched Dayforce Blueprint because we wanted to help supplement the new user experience with the meaningful resources and guided programming that Dayforce Community has to offer. When you start using a new software, one of the biggest milestones is feeling proficient in your use of that tool. Dayforce Blueprint maps out ways for users to do just that – grow comfortable with the software and learn how to optimise their experience in the early days. 

How do resources like the Dayforce Community, Dayforce Blueprint program, and the newly announced Dayforce Exchange impact the Dayforce experience? 

Nicci: The Dayforce Blueprint program supports customers as they begin their journey, and the Dayforce Community is there for them the rest of the way. But another piece of the puzzle is supporting customer success within the Dayforce tool itself. We believe that putting customers first in the way we design the Dayforce experience is crucial to long-term customer success. 

At INSIGHTS 2023, Somen Mondal (our General Manager of Talent Intelligence) announced the new Dayforce Exchange, which is an open, integrated marketplace that extends the Dayforce experience through three distinct pillars. One of these pillars, the Solution Exchange, is a place where users can discover a personalised list of dashboards, widgets, Hub experiences, and more solutions developed by a community of creators. Another pillar, the Partner Exchange, provides users with a shortlist of vetted, personalised organisations from our Partner Network. These tools within the Dayforce platform support our multi-faceted customer success approach: meet users at every stage of their journey and their product use. 

How has the Dayforce Community been growing, and where is it going in the future? 

Nicci: The Dayforce Community is always growing and adapting to user needs. Our Dayforce Community team actions customer feedback from the both the ideas portal and customer focus groups throughout the year to deliver new experiences and features to our members. In fact, one of our biggest and most recent updates has been to our newly redesigned Community homepage and navigation menu that’s improved the online user experience. 

Additionally, in 2024, we plan to launch redesigned Discussions and Groups pages to help customers connect and find what they need in a more user-friendly design that is more consistent with the rest of the website. Innovation is also at the forefront of our Community roadmap, and we are excited to explore opportunities to make direct connections from the Community into the Dayforce product. 

Our team is dedicated to building a best-in-class experience in Community and will continue to iterate to meet the gold standard.

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