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Henkel innovates for a global workforce

The global manufacturing company partners with Dayforce to help manage complexity and harmonise its payroll and time landscape.
  • Harmonize the payroll landscape

  • Standardize processes

  • Reduce the number of pay and time systems



Düsseldorf, Germany

Henkel is a global manufacturer of innovative and sustainable brands and technologies – including Dial, Persil, and got2b – has nearly 50,000 employees in more than 60 countries who work together to reimagine and improve everyday life. Due to acquisitions and widespread global operations, the company had accumulated more than 150 pay and time systems which led to data inconsistencies as these systems only partially connected to Henkel's global HR system.

Henkel was looking for the best technology available on the market and decided to partner with Dayforce to harmonise its payroll landscape, reduce the number of pay and time systems, and standardise processes. The competitive advantage of Dayforce for Henkel is the continuous calculation, transparency, reporting capabilities, and having everything in a single system to make operations more efficient and compliant.

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