Ceridian to Offer Payroll Globally with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Ceridian’s Dayforce HCM solution is a strategic global payroll provider for Dynamics 365 customers

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Minneapolis, MN
December 4, 2017

Ceridian, a global human capital management technology company, today announced an alliance that will seamlessly connect Ceridian’s Dayforce with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Through this collaboration, Ceridian will provide Dayforce’s award-winning payroll solution to Dynamics 365 customers in a single product offering. Backed, supported and productized by Microsoft, this deep data technology integration will enable Dynamics 365 customers to leverage all the features of Dayforce Payroll without the need for them to build or manage the integrations themselves.

“This alliance is the realization of the Ceridian and Microsoft teams working together to create a robust and seamless integration that will provide tremendous benefits to Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers,” said Ozzie Goldschmied, Chief Technology Officer, Ceridian. “We’re excited that Dynamics 365 customers from around the world will soon be able to transform their payroll processing capabilities through connectivity to Dayforce Payroll.”

John Bergman, Principal Program Manager for Dynamics 365 Business Applications, Microsoft said, “Ceridian shares our focus and commitment to empowering businesses on their cloud transformation journey. With this new alliance, we can deliver a seamlessly integrated Dayforce Payroll solution to our Dynamics 365 customers.”

Dayforce Payroll benefits for Dynamics 365 customers include:

  • Eliminate business disruptions: Seamless and tested technology integration between Microsoft and Ceridian.
  • Streamlined payroll processing operations: Dynamics 365 customers will benefit from all the great features of Dayforce Payroll without any additional effort to integrate.
  • Full support for data validation: Dayforce field requirements and business rules are applied directly in Dynamics 365 to ensure valid data entities and configurations that adhere to Dayforce rules.
  • Global support: Engage and manage employees globally in a single payroll solution and empower managers with real-time labor costs around the world.
  • Financial reporting: Detailed payroll data flowing back to Dynamics 365 for full financial reporting.

Dayforce Payroll will be made available to Dynamics 365’s roster of customers in North America beginning in early 2018, with plans to add other markets later in the calendar year.

For more information, visit for Ceridian Dayforce and for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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