Building a next-gen healthcare workforce

The aging population, skilled labor shortages, and technology transformation are the biggest challenges in healthcare today.

Man helping an elderly patient

What you’ll learn:

Why strengthening your workforce leads to better patient care

How to build a future-ready workforce using four key strategies and tips for getting started

What you can do to prepare your workforce with the right skills for tomorrow

The future of healthcare depends on providers caring for their workers

Caring for our aging population is one of the most pressing issues today. Combined with skilled labour shortages and technology disruption, the healthcare industry is up against critical challenges – and healthcare workers are the ones shouldering the burden.

While rapid advances in technology have improved healthcare access and quality, they’ve also created a gap between the skills providers need and those available in the talent pool. This has created both a competitive labour market and mounting pressure on workers to learn new systems and tools fast. Patient expectations are also increasing – as is the rate of healthcare worker burnout.

The bottom line? Best-in-class care happens when those who do the caring are at their best. It’s up to organisations to support the well-being and development of their workers.

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