2023 Pulse of Talent: The rise of the flexible career experience

Learn the new way organizations can move faster, work harder, and build resilience

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What you’ll learn:

What your employees really want out of their careers -- and what will keep them from leaving

How to support your middle management with the tools needed to help their teams build meaningful careers

Actionable steps you can take to reimagine career experiences at your organization

The world of work is abuzz with talk of flexibility. Employers have zeroed in on an interpretation of flexibility that focuses on where and when people work, like remote work, work from anywhere policies, and greater autonomy over scheduling.

But there's more to flexibility than employers realize. Ceridian's 2023 Pulse of Talent survey shows that many workers still feel like they're missing out in their current roles. Seventy percent of survey respondents are a flight risk and 90% said they have felt stuck in their roles in the past year.

Employees today don’t just want job flexibility – they want career flexibility. And there are big benefits for employers who are willing to rethink traditional career paths.

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