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April 27, 2017

Times change. Families are forever: A look back at 50 years of Ceridian in Hawaii


50 years. How many businesses can say they’ve been serving the same community, for 50 years? Most of the companies grabbing headlines these days – Google, Facebook, Uber – haven’t been around for a combined 50 years. Google, the oldest of the bunch, is just shy of 20 years. Facebook a little over a decade, Uber less than one.

Ceridian Hawaii has 50 years in business, in this wonderful community of surf, sand, and the Spirit of Aloha. Our anniversary parties are just coming to a close – a month of celebrations throughout April, in office spa days, lots of pizza, community service days giving back to where we’ve lived and worked for these five decades. Check out the #CeridianHawaii50 highlights on Twitter:

It’s been an amazing time. Looking back, the staff and I reminisced on what our work-life was like when we started; a lot of the changes have been dramatic as technology moves forward at a faster and faster clip. One of my colleagues dug up floppy disks for the camera – remember saving your work on actual disks? Or dial-up modems? Or that a carbon copy meant using carbon paper?

It was fun to go down memory lane like that but one thing we realized looking back and being interviewed for our video was how little our perspectives have changed on the important things. We treat our customers and our colleagues like family. From the earliest days when checks were cut by hand to today when running payroll is done all in the Cloud, we’ve nurtured a customer focus that translates to an approach where customers are family.

This customer focus has been formally cemented in Our Values – the norms and attitudes that guide the entire Ceridian organization, aligning us and pointing the way to our goal, Ceridian: Makes Work Life Better.

So Ceridian Hawaii, 50 years later. Lots of things have changed. Lots. But the changing times haven’t – and won’t – change how we treat our ‘Ohana. Here’s to another 50. Hana Hou!

Please watch our special anniversary video!

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