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October 18, 2022

The role of the HR leader has changed – learn what’s next at INSIGHTS 2022

Ceridian’s CHRO, Susan Tohyama, unpacks how the role of HR leaders has evolved from a supporting role to an increasingly critical and strategic role. Here, Susan shares themes and best practices for HR leaders that will be explored in depth at Ceridian INSIGHTS.

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Over the last decade, HR has moved from a support function to a function focused on leadership and organisational resilience. Now, HR leaders are holistic strategists for the business, responsible for driving value and opportunities for both the employee and employer.

Just a quick look at the changing scope of HR underscores that point. Five years ago, how many companies had DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) leaders? A defined employee experience? Flexible programs truly focused on the wellbeing of all employees?

Not many. Now, most enterprises do. Five years from now, much more will be added, as the employer-employee relationship continues to shift. The pandemic reset has allowed employees the time to reevaluate and communicate what is truly important to them – a renewed balance in both their work and personal lives and the need for a stronger company commitment to social consciousness.  These are only a few platforms companies will be graded against both internally and externally – with HR leaders at the forefront of these initiatives. 

At our upcoming customer conference, INSIGHTS, we will explore the many ways HR leaders are – and must continue to be – critical strategists for a company’s entire culture, retention strategy, value proposition, and beyond.

INSIGHTS 2022 attendees will be empowered by inspiring keynotes – including one by tennis star and entrepreneur Venus Williams – educational breakouts, Ceridian customer sessions, and new connections to help them lead in the new world of work.

At INSIGHTS, we’re hosting a variety of sessions packed full of smart takeaways for HR leaders to bring back to their business. Don’t miss the following sessions. 

Workplace flexibility – the key to your employee value proposition

Research tells us that employees want flexibility in where they work, when they work, and in some cases how much they work. In fact, employees are leaving organisations that are unwilling to offer flexible work options. Learn about the power of flexibility and how it can differentiate your company from the competition.

The employee experience – and why it's key to future-proofing your organisation

A clear people-first focus enables organisations to navigate change, amplify culture, and retain top talent. To future-proof your organisation, you must listen to, invest in, and empower your employees.

Empowering people: How to Cultivate a winning team

Research shows employee empowerment not only leads to higher job satisfaction, but improved work performance and a greater commitment to the organisation. Hear real-life experiences and learn strategies for empowering employees to reach their full potential through cultural trust, empathy, open communication, delegation, and growth opportunities.

10 DEI metrics you should be tracking now

Learn how you can be a DEI champion by identifying and tracking 10 core metrics. In this session, we’ll discuss how people leaders are measuring and levelling up their DEI initiatives.

Driving better business results with HR analytics

The urgency to adopt HR analytics is nothing new. However, workforce intelligence isn’t just about making HR better, it’s about improving overall business performance. This session will explore how you can better align your people with your business goals and improve performance using analytics.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas. Learn more about INSIGHTS here and register today.

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