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September 20, 2023

Get the inside scoop on our annual INSIGHTS conference from a repeat attendee

INSIGHTS 2023 is almost here and we're not the only ones getting excited. Don Stewart, Senior HRIS & Compensation Analyst at JB Poindexter, shares what's he's most looking forward to this year.

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As we inch closer to INSIGHTS 2023, our flagship annual customer event, I wanted to share an insider’s perspective from an attendee who joins us every year. To get a better sense of the experiences you can expect this year, I asked Don Stewart, SHRM-CP, a few questions about his time at INSIGHTS last year. Don is the Senior HRIS & Compensation Analyst at JB Poindexter & Co., the manufacturing holding company with global automotive operations.

Eric Glass: Don, thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. I’d love to know more about what INSIGHTS means to you. Why do you attend INSIGHTS? What value do you get personally and professionally?

Don Stewart: There are a few reasons I attend INSIGHTS each year. The first is personal development. I attend Dayforce Fast-paced Interactive Training (FIT) classes, as well as breakout sessions on topics that relate specifically to my world. Dayforce FIT training has been absolutely essential to my development as our organisation’s reporting subject-matter expert, and the module-specific breakout sessions have greatly expanded my knowledge of the system.

Another reason I go to INSIGHTS is to get the latest updates on upcoming Dayforce features. The technology and product keynote sessions help provide the insights I need for strategic planning purposes as we evaluate our system needs each year. They also tend to bring out the tech geek in me. I have to both attain and retain a very high level of product expertise in order to perform my role effectively, and I couldn’t imagine getting there without the training and knowledge I gain each year at INSIGHTS.

Eric: I’m so glad to hear INSIGHTS gets you ready for technical challenges and future innovations. As you get ready for this fall, what are you most looking forward to about INSIGHTS 2023? Are there any specific sessions or activities you're excited for? Can you tell us about them?

Don: Reporting is a huge piece of my role with my organisation, so I am looking forward to the “Expert” FIT classes that I’ll be taking on reporting analysis. I am looking forward to learning about better ways to extract and present the vast amounts of data we have in our Dayforce instance, so that we can spend more time analysing and less time mining. People Analytics is a huge step in that direction!

I have also scheduled myself for breakout sessions that focus on areas of the Dayforce system we are looking to implement, such as Experience Hub. I enjoyed the Hidden Gem sessions last year that showcased useful tips and tricks in Dayforce, and I am excited for those again. In addition, I always look forward to the Innovation Keynote. It’s probably my favorite session of the week!

Eric: I can tell you our team is excited to showcase all the Dayforce innovation we’ve been hard at work on during the last year – the Innovation Keynote at this year’s INSIGHTS won’t disappoint. Now, thinking about your work this year, which business challenges are you hoping to explore at INSIGHTS 2023?

Don: As an HR department, our focus is currently on efficiency. We use Dayforce extensively, but I am always on the lookout for ways we can continue to leverage the platform to eliminate waste in our processes. In some cases, that might involve ending vendor contracts for additional systems that we no longer need. In other instances, it might involve discovering ways to improve existing processes and configurations in Dayforce so we can do more things with fewer steps (the Hidden Gem sessions are really helpful in this regard).

I plan to bring an open mind and an empty notebook with me. The more wasteful steps we can remove from our processes, the more we can free up frontline HR to walk the plant floor, meet one-on-one with our team members, and essentially perform the “human” part of human resources.

Eric: Every organisation is striving for greater efficiency and productivity. Hearing customers like you share how Dayforce is helping you better prioritise time to stay focused on your people is what makes coming together at INSIGHTS so meaningful. Do you have any surprise learnings from INSIGHTS over the years?

Don: Last year, I really enjoyed the Hidden Gem breakout sessions. I am looking forward to attending some of those again in 2023. I also very much enjoyed participating on a client panel for the first time.

But I would have to say the most memorable session and learning experience for me was a bit of an unusual one: the Wednesday afternoon keynote by David Horsager. I got so much out of his address from a business perspective, but what made it truly memorable for me was something he added as an aside about how he was able to lose weight and keep it off. I applied what he mentioned and, at least somewhat as a result, will attend this year’s INSIGHTS about 75 pounds lighter. You never know what you might learn at INSIGHTS!

How to join us for INSIGHTS 2023

We have an exciting four days planned that include experiences like expert-led demos, engaging keynotes, customer panel discussions, product deep dives, and live Dayforce training. Attendees will get the opportunity to explore how Dayforce is defining the future of HCM, helping them realise the full potential of their people, operate with confidence, and unlock more value amid the challenges of today’s boundless workforce.

If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still time – join us from Oct. 2-5, 2023, in Las Vegas.

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