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October 4, 2023

INSIGHTS 2023: Our latest innovations to help you optimise the boundless workforce

Today we announced our latest Dayforce innovations during the INSIGHTS 2023. Explore our product advancements in AI, career development, community, and more.

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Every year at INSIGHTS, we have the opportunity to get on stage and share the most exciting innovations our team has been working on all year. While we always have something fun to reveal, we’re particularly thrilled about the Dayforce innovations we presented at INSIGHTS 2023. This year, we focused on three core ideas:

  1. Our focus on and advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) and data.
  2. Our mission to deliver simplicity at scale across the Dayforce platform, but especially when it comes to compliance, talent, and hub experience.
  3. Our commitment to building and sustaining a vibrant community surrounding Dayforce.

Ceridian’s co-CEO, David Ossip, opened our session exploring just how pervasive today’s workforce challenges are. Organisations around the world are experiencing a complexity crisis fueled by rapidly changing workforce dynamics and a fluid compliance landscape. Our newly announced innovations were designed to help you achieve simplicity at scale and realise the full potential of your workforce to unlock greater value.

Here is an overview of what’s coming soon in Dayforce:

Introducing Dayforce Co-Pilot: Our latest advancements in AI

Ceridian’s Chief Product and Technology Officer, Joe Korngiebel, was first up, and he announced the soon-to-be-launched Dayforce Co-Pilot, our latest AI-driven advancement. With Dayforce Co-Pilot, you can accelerate workplace productivity in a number of key functional areas.

Dayforce Talent with Co-Pilot helps employees use the power of natural language processing and generative AI to automate routine tasks like writing job descriptions, building personalised learning paths, and generating performance reviews.

For example, an HR professional could quickly generate a brand-new job requisition from existing role-specific data by writing a simple query like, “Create a job requisition to backfill Michelle Smith.”

Employees at all levels can also enhance their career development with Dayforce Talent with Co-Pilot, which recommends personalised professional development opportunities to employees, guides them to upskill, and suggests long-term career goals.

Dayforce HR Service Delivery with Co-Pilot offers a new way of getting the information quickly. When employees need help finding answers to HR-related questions, Dayforce Co-Pilot will generate suggested answers based on the corporate knowledge base. And as employees keep asking similar questions, Dayforce Co-Pilot will self-learn and improve its ability to get critical data to employees. Dayforce HR Service Delivery with Co-Pilot will also come with the ability to auto-create a HR service ticket when additional assistance is needed.

Dayforce Autonomous Payroll with Co-Pilot leverages our long-held strength in payroll and workforce management compliance. By auditing payroll to find and resolve data anomalies before payroll is even run, Dayforce Co-Pilot can help organisations reduce operational risk and errors.

Building better people experiences

After Joe got the chance to share about our AI advancements, Emma Albert (Senior Director of Product Management at Ceridian) explored the ways we’re building better people experiences into Dayforce. If you remember last year, we introduced Dayforce Experience Hub, a new way to organise information in your Dayforce home screen. Well, we’ve turned it up a notch and are introducing some great innovations to Dayforce Experience Hub. Coming soon, you’ll be able to create your new homepage with a mouse-click or simple tap on your Dayforce Mobile app. Through easy to add productivity widgets like a list of priorities for the day. With new content management tools, you can create an organisation-wide newsfeed that makes Dayforce Experience Hub your home for communications.

We’ve also reimagined Candidate Experience within Dayforce Recruiting. Now, you can quickly find candidates that have the right skills for the role through intelligent grading. You can further narrow down your candidate pool by filtering to find the best match — all in record time. Once you have your list, you can start communicating with those candidates instantly, helping you make quicker decisions that are backed by data.

Stronger compliance capabilities

Next up, Amber Foucault (VP of Product at Ceridian) helped us reveal our new and stronger-than-ever compliance capabilities to help you operate anywhere with confidence. Today, organisations are feeling the mounting pressure to maintain compliance amid a rapidly evolving workforce landscape. We created some of our latest compliance innovations to solve for industry-specific challenges.

For the manufacturing sector, we’ve developed Centralised Scheduling within Dayforce Workforce Management to help organisations manage operational schedules by user-defined dimensions such as workorders, jobs, labour metrics, and more.

For the retail industry, we’ve enabled machine learning and AI scheduling to help you anticipate planning and workforce needs.

And for the public sector, we launched Dayforce Cloud Extensions earlier this year — a functionality that enables support for even the most complex of collective bargaining agreements.

No matter what compliance challenges you face in your industry, we’re designing Dayforce to help you realise the potential of your people and enhance productivity, powered by AI.

More open and connected

To bring our innovation announcements full circle, Somen Mondal (General Manager of Talent Intelligence at Ceridian) explained how we’re building Dayforce to help you operate with more openness and connectedness. To that effect, we have created a new Dayforce Exchange. This open, integrated marketplace that seamlessly extends your Dayforce experience is composed of three distinct pillars: the Partner Exchange, the Creator Exchange, and the Talent Exchange. Each of these knowledge bases can help you find exactly what you’re looking for in record time.

According to our 2023 Pulse of Talent survey, 90% of respondents have felt stuck in their job in the last year. For employees in this situation, two options seem apparent: stay at the company, disengaged, or leave to join another company. But, in reality, there’s a third option — organisations can use their data to better understand employee skills and career aspirations. In the last two years, we’ve introduced products like Dayforce Skills Engine and Dayforce Career Explorer to better manage talent at your organisation. And today, we shared how our new Dayforce Talent with Co-Pilot is taking this one step further.

Advancing, innovating, and iterating for the boundless workforce

We’re excited for the ways these tools will help deliver simplicity at scale for organisations as they navigate the high level of complexity stemming from today’s boundless – fluid, borderless, and always on – workforce. We’ll continue innovating with and for our customers to help them operate with confidence, realise their people potential, and unlock more value.

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