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October 23, 2019

INSIGHTS 2019: Intelligent HCM and empowering HR leaders

The opening general session of this year’s conference featured some new product innovations, and a look towards the future of our industry.

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This year’s INSIGHTS, held once again at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, kicked off with a pair of future-focused talks from Ceridian’s President Leagh Turner, and CEO David Ossip.

Leagh walked through some of the ways Ceridian has been evolving and innovating to continue to bring value to our customers. This includes expanding into new geographies like the UK, Ireland, and Australia, as well as developing deep expertise in five enterprise industries: health and human services, manufacturing, financial services, retail and hospitality, and the public sector.

She also talked about how Ceridian continues to add to its leadership team with additions such as our new Chief Value Officer, Bill Crawford.

These changes have resulted in increased interest in Dayforce, and we now serve 4,000 customers – 700 added this year.

People are the key

Leagh’s main message was that “people are the key to creating value in the future.” She talked about investing in technology like automation, AI, and predictive analytics, but it’s the people implementing that technology that drive things forward – at Ceridian and at every company.

“Our HR teams have the critical role of making sure we have the right people, with the right skills, training, and support to take full advantage of what these innovations have to offer,” she said. “They keep our people ahead of the real-life pressure of a global skills gap.”

She finished by reiterating the importance of the HR function: “You are the force for change in your organisation,” she told the crowd.

Intelligent HCM

David Ossip then took to the stage to introduce some new product innovations. He started off by explaining that the genesis for Dayforce was conversations he had with CEOs about what “strategic HR” meant.  Many of them talked about it but didn’t actually know what it meant for their organisation – it was just a box to be checked.  

“Strategy is a plan of action to define, achieve, and measure a set of goals and deliver value,” he said. Incumbent software consisted of separate systems that didn’t talk to the each other, so he saw an opportunity to leverage modern tech to create a single database and application across the employee experience.

David then spoke about the concept of “Intelligent HCM,” which can be categorized by four questions leaders should ask themselves:

  1. How do I create quantifiable value?
  2. What are the KPIs I need for each HCM process in my organisation?
  3. What is my current score and how am I tracking?
  4. How do I compare against my peers?

This led into unveiling one of Dayforce’s upcoming features: Dayforce Intelligence, which is a way for organisations to benchmark their business against their past performance and their peers. He also introduced two more innovations – Dayforce Wallet and Dayforce Hub – with the help of Ceridian’s Product Strategy and Innovation Lead, Andrew Shopsowitz.

WATCH NOW: Vision keynote: Ceridian's vision for Intelligence at work

The opening general session concluded with a rousing performance by the marching band BOOM! Percussion Entertainment, leading into the opening reception.

WATCH NOW: Vision keynote: Ceridian's vision for Intelligence at work

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