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October 17, 2018

INSIGHTS 2018: New Dayforce innovations and the future of work

At the INSIGHTS opening general session, the crowd in Las Vegas got a sneak peek of some upcoming Dayforce features, and got entertained by an electric act.


This year’s INSIGHTS officially kicked off on Tuesday, Oct. 16 with a keynote from Ceridian CEO David Ossip. The conference hall inside Caesars Palace in Las Vegas was buzzing with excitement as Ossip announced several new Dayforce product innovations.

But first, he talked about how, at its core, Dayforce is about culture.

“We believe that when you take care of your employees, they create incredible outcomes for customers,” he said. A great employee experience plus a great customer experience is the recipe for company success.

Big data and predictive technology has changed user expectations – employees expect more, decisions are data-driven, global workforces are mobile, regulatory complexity is increasing, and predictive tech changes everything.

Ossip also introduced Ceridian’s new President Leagh Turner, who took to the stage to talk about why she joined Ceridian, and how the workplace is transforming.

“We all want a world that’s equitable,” she said. “We all understand the power of inclusion. We want to embrace diversity and operate with integrity and values. We want to build organizational cultures that reflect these things, that are designed for our future, that will be innovative and high performing and competitive on a global scale.”

David Ossip was then joined on the stage by Andrew Shopsowitz, Director of Product Management at Ceridian, for a preview of some exciting new Dayforce innovations.

Below are the highlights, and you can learn more about some of these new features here.

  • Succession planning: Users can prepare for the departure of key employees and create a replacement plan by evaluating possible successors, pulling in performance data and other key metrics.
  • Compensation benchmarking: This lets organizations optimize compensation budgets and helps ensure pay is equitable and competitive, with a simplified process that drives engagement.
  • Benefits decision support: The feature takes some of the confusion and guess-work out of choosing benefits, by allowing employees to answer questions about their needs, and then making recommendations based on their answers.
  • Engagement surveys: Find out employees’ engagement levels so you can measure engagement continuously across the organization. These surveys also provide the employee with analysis on their own responses, helping them understand their own engagement.
  • Data and Advanced Analytics: Pull in sales data and understand how it correlates to labor data and other key metrics. This is a fully embedded self-service experience, giving context and analytics for action-oriented decisions.
  • On-Demand Pay: The most buzzed-about new feature, On-Demand Pay allows employees to access the earned funds any time during their pay period. Learn more about On-Demand Pay by clicking here.

The general session ended with a rousing performance by the Las Vegas Golden Knights drumline, the Drumbots, who then led the way into the opening reception.

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