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June 3, 2022

The importance of workforce metrics and analytics as an HR leader

Don’t let an unexamined workplace keep you from effective people operations. Here’s more on the importance of workforce metrics and analytics as an HR leader.

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Translating data into tangible, actionable insights can be overwhelming, especially if it’s not part of your regular day job. When you’re busy juggling a lot of responsibilities and wearing multiple hats, it can be easy to shy away from, or altogether ignore data. But there’s no need to miss out on the benefits of workforce data when you have intuitive tools at your fingertips. Here’s how HR leaders can benefit from workforce metrics and analytics.

A truly data-driven method

HR leaders in organisations across the world feel the pressure for data-driven approaches but lack the time, resources, or know-how to implement thoroughly designed surveys and vehicles for research. Real input from employees and hard numerical data can help guide leadership actions, but gathering and harnessing that information is the most challenging part. That’s where workforce metrics and analytics can greatly benefit you.

AI-powered HCM solutions are one great example of how leaders across an organisation can harness real time data for real-time answers. Because the information updates on its own, all you have to do is continue checking your dashboards.

Collect valuable insights from your people

When managers and people leaders take the time to gather, process, and respond to real answers from their colleagues and direct reports, meaningful change can happen. This procedure is especially important for HR leaders who handle everything from employee experience events to benefits packages. HR metrics and analytics equip leaders with the power to address the needs of their workforce.

In any relationship, communication is key. Without it, miscommunication can cause unnecessary division and roadblocks. Remove all room for confusion with real data from real employees. For example, you can send employee experience surveys to research satisfaction organisation-wide. Or try polling people about their benefits preferences to find suitable packages. No matter what information-gathering tool you use, the mere act of collecting intel will help you make changes your people want to see.

Lead with confidence

As technology continues to permeate our everyday activities, the burden of harnessing technology for work grows. Technology supports workplace activities, from task management to digital communication. If we know tech can improve productivity and assist employees in day-to-day functions, then why not make the most of these tools?

Workforce data and analytics can help lift this burden and enhance your ability to lead with confidence and empathy. When you act on insights gleaned from data, you can speak directly to people’s issues and provide meaningful support amidst employee confusion or frustration.

Harvard Business Review recently discussed how data improves leadership, specifically by way of computational leadership science. This unique blend of science, technology, and communication research explores how information undergirds effective leadership. Deloitte calls this “informed intuition,” where leaders utilize a data-driven framework that complements their people skills. Look for ways to implement informed intuition practices in your own organisation and assess your success over time.

Whether you’re a leader in human resources or another functional area of your business, you need all the cards on the table to lead effectively. Don’t let guesswork and unexamined mystery plague your employee initiatives. Instead, rely on numbers and testimonies that update in real time.

So, the next time you wonder why HR leaders should use workforce analytics and metrics, remember the power of informed intuition, and take your next steps with assurance.

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