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May 29, 2023

HR Service Delivery: Ceridian’s newest innovation in employee experience technology

Employee experience technology is a must-have for organizations today. Ceridian’s Director of Product Management, Emma Albert, walks us through Ceridian’s latest innovations in this area.


It's easy to get caught up in planning and executing bold employee experience initiatives meant to boost workers’ satisfaction and loyalty. But the small, day-to-day stressors you overlook can hurt your employee experience – especially without the right technology.

For example, when employees can't easily find the forms they need or get answers to pressing HR questions, it can create unnecessary frustration for workers. And this same scenario proves equally frustrating for HR teams. Responding to every employee inquiry, even for the simplest of questions, makes it difficult for HR departments to operate efficiently and focus on more critical concerns.

What's the solution? We chatted with Emma Albert, Director of Product Management at Ceridian, to explore how our latest innovation, Ceridian’s HR Service Delivery (HRSD), can help solve these problems for HR and employees alike.

Why is Ceridian making increased investments in employee experience technology now?

We've heard from our customers that providing an exceptional employee experience is more important to them than ever. Employees today expect consumer-like experiences in all their technologies, even those they use in their professional lives. They want everything right at their fingertips. Employers that deliver this can help drive employee satisfaction and retention.

With Ceridian’s HR Service Delivery (HRSD), we're giving customers a tool they can confidently point their employees to for HR inquiries. HRSD can help address the individual needs of employees. And it can also increase HR efficiency and productivity. It's a winning solution for all sides.

What is HR Service Delivery? And what is included in the solution?

We have three products already generally available that enable employee self-service and provide the foundation for HRSD: Experience Hub, Intelligent Search, and HR Knowledge Management. Experience Hub is our powerful and flexible communication channel that helps drive productivity. We also help employees find exactly what they need using Intelligent Search. And HR Knowledge Management allows organizations to store information and policies for easy, yet secure, access.

Our customers are already raving about what a game-changer this is. For example, we have a retail customer with just over 2,000 employees and only four HR professionals. Before using our Experience Hub and Knowledge Management capabilities, they barely had time to get through basic HR tasks, much less be strategic. Now that their employees know where to get their HR information, they're able to focus more on strategy.

We've already seen significant customer adoption of and enthusiasm for our HRSD portfolio. We're doubling down on this momentum with a strong roadmap that includes case management capabilities. Case creation will be available for when employees require personal assistance from a member of the HR team. Beyond a ticketing system, HRSD’s intelligence allows for continuous improvement of our customers’ HR service models. The tool surfaces trends and insights for customers and adjusts self-service capabilities to help deflect cases.

How will HR Service Delivery benefit Ceridian customers?

No more crowded inboxes. We want to make the shared HR inbox a thing of the past. You can say goodbye to that relic and still have peace of mind that employees know where to go for questions and inquiries are securely routed.

HRSD’s simple content creation tools allow HR professionals to act fast in response to changing needs – something we know has become especially important in the past few years.

And to drive more value for HR teams and the employees they serve, the system will learn and adapt as customers use it. HRSD can then answer certain questions automatically – or even before they are asked, by recommending content a person is likely looking for based on the system knowing who they are and their history of Dayforce use.

Is HR Service Delivery only for organizations in certain industries?

Whether you have employees working in an office, at home, in a retail store, or on a construction site, HRSD is for you. Thanks to its web and mobile capabilities, HRSD can support all organizations.

Ceridian has already received positive feedback from customers on the Knowledge Management and Intelligent Search capabilities of our HR Service Delivery offering to date. We're continuing to build momentum as we learn from customers and further evolve our HRSD offering.

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