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May 16, 2023

Dayforce Integration Studio: Empowering easier Dayforce integrations

Today’s IT teams are grappling with the challenges of an ever-growing – and siloed – technology stack. Ceridian’s upcoming launch of Dayforce Integration Studio will help customers and partners smoothly integrate Dayforce for increased flexibility and a more seamless experience.

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Today’s organisations are facing a high degree of constant change, creating uncertainty and demanding greater agility. Organisations need flexibility in how they do business, empower their people, and deliver value to customers.

At the same time, IT teams are grappling with an explosion of apps and APIs. IT leaders are tasked with evolving their technology ecosystems at a rapid rate, but they aren't equipped to manage the silos that emerge as a result of mismatched systems. In fact, the situation is so dire that Mulesoft’s Connectivity Benchmark Report found that “integration hinders digital transformation for 80% of organisations”.1

At Ceridian, we believe in empowering our customers to own their integrations. We want organisations to be able to smoothly integrate Dayforce with other systems and applications in their technology stack. Enter Dayforce Integration Studio, which helps accelerate your digital transformation with unlimited access to Dayforce data. Customers and partners can create, manage, and deploy integrations between Dayforce and other systems within their ecosystem. Anyone can orchestrate integrations by using a prebuilt connector or a "build your own” integration in a low code setting.

How Dayforce Integration Studio creates value for customers

To become more agile, organisations need open access to their data, with less dependency on technical and IT teams to stand up integrations. Dayforce Integration Studio helps organisations accelerate digital transformation and reduce the time it takes to see value through faster, more flexible integrations. Here are three key advantages to Dayforce Integration Studio:

Interoperability: Dayforce Integration Studio provides a centralised solution for customers and partners, expanding access to Dayforce’s open API platform. The product gives users access to their Dayforce data, while providing a more seamless user experience. It also reduces the need for costly and time-consuming legacy-code based interfaces.

Flexibility: Dayforce Integration Studio gives users the power to create, manage, and own their integrations with full access to Dayforce data in a secure way, when and how they want.

Enterprise-ready: Our modern, in-product, enterprise-ready solution leverages the power of the public cloud, allowing businesses to accelerate their digital transformations and gain unlimited access to Dayforce data.

Key benefits of Dayforce Integration Studio for your organisation

Poorly connected systems get in the way of productivity and efficiency goals, creating more manual work, rework, and errors. With Dayforce Integration Studio, anyone can assemble integrations, making the process faster, easier, and less costly. Here are a few of the benefits of Dayforce Integration Studio:

Less time to integrate

One of the biggest advantages of Dayforce Integration Studio is that it's easy to use. It provides businesses with an open, in-product experience that helps greatly reduce the time it takes to implement required integrations.

Greater customisation

Dayforce Integration Studio helps eliminate the need for expensive and burdensome legacy-code based interfaces to access Dayforce data. Users can easily select prebuilt connectors and apply configuration refinement, or build their own integration from scratch, to meet business requirements.

Event-driven flexibility

With access to APIs and event-driven services, Integration Studio enables modern, workflow-driven integrations, giving businesses more control and flexibility.

Centralised data

Dayforce Integration Studio also provides a centralised solution for businesses. With clear and full visibility into data moving in and out of Dayforce, businesses can build, manage, and own their integrations. And the best part is Dayforce Integration Studio can easily work with other integration platforms already being used to share Dayforce data without the need to replace existing integration tooling.

Secure and auditable

Another key benefit of Dayforce Integration Studio is its security and auditability. Businesses can benefit from the Dayforce platform’s security and controls, and track changes with auditable data. Dayforce Integration Studio is maintained and upgraded by Ceridian, with new releases, helping reduce effort and risk for businesses.

Unlocking the power of HCM data requires a forward-thinking strategy supported by the right integration approach. Dayforce Integration Studio helps customers take a step in the right direction by truly democratising the integration experience for organisations and accelerating their digital transformation.

[1] 2023 Connectivity Benchmark Report, MuleSoft from Salesforce and Deloitte Digital, 2023

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