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March 29, 2024

Dayforce Cloud Extensions: Your global people platform, plus limitless flexibility

Dayforce’s Global VP of Product Strategy, Behrad Bayanpour, explains how customers are using Dayforce Cloud Extensions* to meet their specific business needs.


The world of work is rapidly becoming more complicated, with today’s boundless workforce fueling a heightened level of complexity through fluid, borderless, and always on work. Organisations that want to conquer this complexity crisis will build a competitive edge by simplifying their end-to-end people operations to drive efficiency and refocus effort onto the work that matters most.  

This acceleration of workforce changes has highlighted the need for organisations to solve data management complexities. You need ways to build on top of your existing tech ecosystem and consolidate legacy apps and point solutions. 

As the customer community for Dayforce continues to grow, so does the need for greater extensibility. We sat down with Behrad Bayanpour, our Global VP Product Strategy, to learn how customers are using Dayforce Cloud Extensions* to meet their specific business needs, while leveraging Dayforce's industry best practices.

Q: Can you describe the overall extensibility functionality in Dayforce?

With Dayforce Cloud Extensions, our customers can address the unique needs of their people operations by building on top of Dayforce’s single system approach, enabling them to create, manage, and deploy best-in-class functionality. Customers can also integrate third-party applications, while consolidating disparate legacy solutions directly into Dayforce.

Q: How do Dayforce Cloud Extensions drive value to our customers?

Our customers are telling us that they value a truly integrated cloud experience, driven by three main capabilities:

  • Flexibility: Customers can map their specific requirements onto Dayforce with full access to functionality, while maintaining the security, user experience, and consistent application logic of the Dayforce platform.
  • Acceleration: Customers can create capabilities quickly by leveraging and extending their existing data models, workflows, security, and data-access controls used within Dayforce.
  • Scale: Customers benefit from continued innovation, upgrades, and scalability over time as the core products, integrations, APIs, business logic, security, and functionality are maintained by Dayforce.

Q: What are some of most common benefits customers are seeing?

I think there are three areas that are most appealing and impactful to customers when it comes to our cloud extensions.

  • Built for speed: Dayforce Cloud Extensions are designed by Dayforce experts to help customers build and scale quickly. Our goal is for them to experience limitless flexibility, including complex and bespoke features, with enhanced access to Dayforce.  
  • Secure and auditable: Customers can extend the Dayforce platform’s security and controls to any new functionality they create. Everything can be tracked with auditable data, and every change they make is reflected across the platform.
  • Greater efficiency with reduced risk: Organisations can gain administrative efficiencies by helping to eliminate the effort and cost of custom programming. All aspects of Dayforce Cloud Extensions are maintained and upgraded by Dayforce with new releases, helping reduce effort and risk.

Q: Can you give a few examples of how customers are using the extensibility functionality? 

We’re seeing customers from across industries leverage Dayforce Cloud Extensions to support their digital transformation needs and deliver on their business goals — especially now in our rapidly evolving world of work. A few examples include organisations using it to:

  • Manage complex employee onboarding initiated outside of Dayforce.
  • Route portions of employee payroll in bespoke ways, such as donations into charitable organisations.
  • Handle unique compliance needs, such as determining employee rates of pay based on intricate rule calculations across both unionised and non-unionised populations.

Learn more about how Dayforce Cloud Extensions helps organisations achieve a truly flexible, scalable, and secure cloud environment:

*Requires access to our Dayforce Extensibility Framework
This blog was updated on Mar. 29, 2024. It was originally published on Mar. 8, 2023. 

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