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October 8, 2021

Ceridian World Tour 2021: Intelligent HCM technologies that are powering the future of work

Ceridian’s CTO, Joe Korngiebel, explores how Dayforce is powering the future of work with data at its core. From intelligent talent acquisition, to streaming pay, and predictive workforce data, here are the newest Dayforce innovations announced at Ceridian World Tour 2021.

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Over the last two years, organisations around the world learned that change happens fast, and when you least expect it. The pandemic showed the speed and scale at which disruption can occur, proving it can happen whether you’re prepared for it or not. Change is constant, and business leaders need to be prepared for what’s around the corner to get and stay ahead in an ever-evolving world.

During the opening keynote of Ceridian World Tour 2021, Chairman and CEO, David Ossip, and CTO, Joe Korngiebel, kicked things off by discussing the trends and technologies that are reshaping the workplace. “All this change,” Korngiebel said, “brings opportunity. The opportunity is there for us to take advantage of this change by putting our people at the centre and leveraging workforce data to gain competitive advantage.”

On day two of the annual conference, Korngiebel, along with other Ceridian leaders, took the audience on a deep dive into how Dayforce helps organisations embrace and leverage change to drive value in this new workplace reality.

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A more intelligent era of talent acquisition

The next step in Ceridian’s innovation journey will bring even more workforce intelligence to customers. The first major development covered is one that will help organisations leverage data to make better, more equitable hiring decisions. Somen Mondal, General Manager of Talent Intelligence at Ceridian, shared how Dayforce is delivering next-gen talent acquisition capabilities.

Mondal asked the audience to think of how their favourite consumer websites now make it easier to find what they’re looking for. He described the transition from simply listing products to giving customers personalised recommendations as a move from 1.0 to 2.0. Ceridian’s vision will take talent management and acquisition to the next level in a similar way through more personalised experiences for both recruiters and candidates.

Dayforce Talent Intelligence is a suite of talent management solutions powered by AI and machine learning to help HR teams source the right talent faster, while helping employees drive their careers forward.

“This technology,” Mondal explained, “moves us from a Talent 1.0 to 2.0 world. Today, a candidate goes to a career website and searches for a job or a list of open roles. In Talent 2.0, potential candidates can talk to a chatbot, upload their resume, and be served job openings that are suited just for them.” Recruiters can also quicky get matched with candidates that are best suited for the job requisition.

Employees can map their own professional paths through what Mondal calls “career intelligence,” which provides personalised recommendations for learning, such as new skills to develop, that will help them achieve their career goals. “The mission for Talent Intelligence,” Mondal said, “is to be the data behind every talent decision to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and fairness.”

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An employee experience that empowers your people

Next up, the Ceridian team introduced Dayforce Hub, a branded, personalised home base for Dayforce users. Dayforce Hub acts as a centralised location with tools and resources that can empower your people to better manage their work lives. Employees can access the information they need, as soon as they need it, instead of tracking it down and waiting to get an answer from HR.

Employees can use the intelligent search capability within Dayforce Hub when they have a work-related question, such as how many paid time off days they have left in the year. The search functionality also serves up similar questions to help managers get the right information – such as answers to key compliance questions – faster. And users can gain more visibility into other areas of their work life, such as benefits and pay, to see their earnings and understand how they’re calculated.

Staying ahead of organisational change

Organisations are more fluid than ever, and the way teams work together will continue to evolve as the world of work changes. During the keynote, the audience got an inside look into Dayforce's new employee management technology that helps companies stay ahead of change.

Whether your company is structured in a traditional position-based hierarchy, a matrix, or has dotted-line relationships to managers, Dayforce's modernised employee management capabilities can help employers quickly make changes while giving the workforce greater transparency into team and departmental updates. This new user experience allows admins to drag, drop, and audit the organisational structure without losing any attributes or employee information.

The future of pay and employee financial wellness

Announced during the opening keynote, streaming pay is the next evolution of payroll where employees get paid in real time, without even needing to click a button to request their funds. As part of Dayforce Wallet, streaming pay will automatically calculate tax remittances and withholdings and deliver employees’ earned wages, so your people can get an accurate view of their earnings.

Dayforce can also support better financial wellness for the workforce. Goal setting in Dayforce Wallet enables your people to set and achieve savings milestones – such as a wedding, for example. Once a savings goal is set, Dayforce automatically streams a portion of the employees’ pay directly to the goal so they can achieve it on time. The smart technology also recommends other goals the employee may want to save for and provides an estimate of how much the employee needs to save each day, based on historical work and earnings patterns.

Inform, predict, act: A smarter approach to workforce data

As the keynote ended, Korngiebel explained how data can be a key part of a smart human capital management strategy in an increasingly complex and fast-paced world of work, “Data is the fuel for your competitive advantage and how you can grow and give your employees superpowers to do their jobs.”

However, as the world evolves at breakneck speed, it can be difficult for employers to set up dashboards and tools to get the insights they need, when they need it. Korngiebel shared Ceridian’s three-pronged strategy to arm organisations with smart, actionable data:

  • Informing employees with smart dashboards and elevated ad-hoc reporting. Microsoft Power BI and Dayforce Dashboard and Analytics can help leaders customise their data experience.
  • Predicting and forecasting using machine learning to uncover anomalies in the data before they occur, for example, ahead of a payroll run.
  • Acting on the data directly within a single system to reduce time spent setting up new dashboards and templates across various applications.

Leaders can get the data presented to them – rather than spending time searching for it – as well as the recommendations they need to make more informed business decisions that drive real value.

Korngiebel shared a demo of a soon to be released innovation, Dayforce Data and Analytics, showing how leaders can get a truly personalised experience to managing workforce data.

Finally, nudges within Dayforce alert leaders when there are anomalies within the data so they can take the right action immediately, whether that’s giving an employee a spot bonus or more development opportunities, for example.

“Fundamentally, we feel that we’re the trusted partner to deliver in this world of change,” Korngiebel said. “Our always-on people platform for the global workforce is delivering people empowerment, workforce intelligence, and compliance as the foundation.”

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