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June 17, 2021

Ceridian’s system integrator ecosystem accelerates the future of work

As companies transform their human capital management processes, Ceridian’s Raja Nucho explains the value of system integrator partnerships in a world of work that is increasingly fluid.


Over the past year, we have seen organisations break through decades-old paradigms to meet the demands of a digital-first and geographically dispersed workforce. With the pace of change accelerating, we see the world of work becoming increasingly borderless, fluid, and on-demand. And we anticipate how and where people work will be driven by skillset, productivity, and happiness, rather than on rigid hierarchy or outdated norms.

Given the scale and pace of change, it comes as no surprise that organisations are looking to prioritise their people through this disruption – perhaps now, more than ever before. Business leaders are evaluating their human capital management solutions and determining if their existing providers can deliver value – to both the business and their employees – as we explore a redefined future of work.

That’s why we are focused on broadening our Ceridian Partner Network (CPN) Program with System Integrators (SI). Our enhanced offering will provide customers with greater choice, scale, and innovation to meet and elevate their human capital needs

Through Ceridian’s global SI alliance network – focused on North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific Japan – customers will benefit from access to best-in-class, end-to-end HR solutions to modernise their HCM processes. Built from a strategic ecosystem of integrated solutions, the SI alliance network offers customers one powerful user experience, including choice when it comes to how they extend the Dayforce platform within their organisation. When coupled with our software and influence alliance networks, our SI alliance network provides customers a range of services and solutions to transform their HR processes alongside, and beyond, a successful HCM software deployment.

Innovation is constant, and the opportunities through open collaboration are nearly endless. To that end, we are excited in the future to bring openness and extensibility to the Dayforce platform through the development of an app extension marketplace. This is where our partners will be able to differentiate their product and services, leveraging the power of the Dayforce platform.

It’s critical we help our customers tackle their most complex problems, as we believe these are the greatest opportunities for value creation. Our SI alliance network delivers a world-class buying and service experience from beginning to end. With a focus on our customers, the CPN program provides clear expectations at each stage of engagement, from implementation through to ongoing support, for fluid transitions. Customers will experience tight alignment across stakeholders.

Designed to unlock shared knowledge and expertise across all our alliances channels our CPN program enables our customers to benefit from deep advisory services, while receiving expert guidance on organisational, functional, and process development. It reinforces our commitment to provide world-class services to our customers today – and well into the future – by building scale, delivering quality, driving market-changing innovation, and capitalising on new opportunities for growth.

Our growing partner network includes SIs with a global footprint, and naturally includes international program management and governance. Often, these global partners bring significant value not only with HCM, but outside of it as well. Our program also includes regional partners with deep localised HCM expertise because we know understanding local markets is critical.

We are excited to work with a phenomenal roster of evolving SI alliance partners across the globe:

  • PwC
  • Agilyx
  • BDO
  • Enforce
  • magnisol
  • People Force
  • Phase 3 
  • Pinpoint HRM
  • REPL
  • Sability
  • Silver Cloud HR
  • Think Best Practice
  • Wise Consulting

We have entered a new era with our SI alliance network. There is tremendous opportunity for Ceridian and our partners as we bring choice, scale, and innovation to our customers like never before. We also have the opportunity to build intelligent applications that will transform the solutions we bring to our customers. Underpinned by the Dayforce platform, we have the opportunity to modernise HCM systems and help our customers make intelligent, value-driven decisions. We are excited by the innovation that will occur, and our ability to drive experiences our customers and their employees will love.

Welcome to all our new partners. We’re excited for the road ahead that we will travel together.

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