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July 13, 2022

What is the Ceridian Partner Network, and how does it help drive success?

The Ceridian Partner Network provides customers with enhanced choice, scale, quality, and innovation to help meet and elevate their human capital needs. By working with a diverse range of partners, we bring together deep product and industry expertise to expand our customers’ ability to drive HR transformation with Dayforce.

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We’ve seen a fundamental shift in the way the modern workforce operates. Organisations are building “future-ready” workforces to drive engagement, resilience, and adaptability more than ever before. At the same time, employees’ needs have fundamentally changed, demanding a reset in expectations. To keep pace with this new dynamic reality, organisations are assessing – and transforming – their HR processes. These headwinds have driven the market for human capital management (HCM) applications, which according to the International Data Corporation, is forecast to reach $29.8 billion by 2025 and growing at a compound annual growth rate of 8.9%.1

Ceridian’s vision is to be the always-on people platform for the global workforce. This vision supports our customers as they adjust to becoming more agile, resilient, and better equipped to respond to a new world of work that is borderless, fluid, skills-based, augmented, and continual. And that’s why we’re growing a strong partner ecosystem to further enhance the value our customers have come to expect from Ceridian and the Dayforce platform.

How does the Ceridian Partner Network help drive customer success?

Both customers and partners benefit from the power of the Ceridian Partner Network (CPN). Customers derive value from our partners’ deep expertise, access to our modern Dayforce platform, and best-in-class implementation processes.    

Partners benefit by offering new services and solutions to customers. We foster an environment where partners can work cohesively and collectively with other partners, called “The Network Effect,” to deliver innovative solutions.

We are laser-focused on delivering customer centricity, quality at scale, and innovation as our partners build and enhance functionality onto the Dayforce platform.

And we’re fun to work with, too. Our work with partners and customers reflects Ceridian’s Our Way Values of customer focus, shared ambition, agility, transparency, equity, and optimism for optimal success.

Can you tell me about your partner program?

Ceridian strives to fulfill its Makes Work Life Better™ brand promise for customers through partnerships that offer choice, quality, innovation, and scale. No matter the type of partner you’re working with, customers share a common experience when they engage with Ceridian. We have a range of partner categories, which include:

  • Influence Partners: A wide-ranging group, including private equity firms, benefits brokers, advisory firms, client-side consultants, and beyond. This is a broad and critical group of partners that have technology expertise to guide and support key decision makers (e.g., CFOs, CHROs, and their advisors) throughout their organisation’s HR transformations.
  • System Integrator Partners: Provide customers with holistic services to transform their HR processes alongside a successful HCM Dayforce software deployment and beyond.
  • Software Partner Network: Designs, builds, and deploys Dayforce solution extensions through a global network of software, technology, and content providers.

How do customers leverage the CPN?

Ceridian measures the CPN based on customer value. We strive to help our joint customers benefit from choice, innovation, and scale. We create opportunities for partners to network across the CPN, which ultimately helps bring quantifiable value to our customers. It’s a holistic and cohesive experience that ensures we collectively help deliver the best outcomes through our partnerships.

What makes the CPN different from other partner programs?

At Ceridian, we’re laser-focused on ensuring the partner experience is best-in-class, sustainable, and innovative.

We place a strong focus on what we call “The Network Effect,” which means fostering cross-collaboration across our partner ecosystem to bring the maximum value to our joint customers and prospects. The Network Effect benefits partners and customers by bringing the whole Ceridian partner community together in the spirit of transparency and collaboration. It’s about fostering community across the CPN and helping ensure consistent processes and frameworks throughout the journeys of our partners and customers. It’s designed to work like LEGO blocks that easily fit together.

Ceridian’s values are both cultural and programmatic. We take an empathetic approach to how our values collaborate, and we bring shared ambition to everything we do, including the partner network. 

What’s next?

We are evolving our existing partner programs in exciting ways and look forward to sharing more about how our Dayforce Consulting Partner Program, Dayforce System Integrator Partner Program, and Dayforce Software Partner Program categories are coming together to become the Ceridian Partner Network Program. This includes a co-sell and re-sell incentive initiative rolling out throughout the year.

We’re also launching CPN Academies, designed to deliver an enablement curriculum along with real-world experience, to help ensure our partner engagement and value is of the highest quality to our joint customers. The Academies will train and certify partners to support their development and help ensure they deliver exceptional experiences and quantifiable value to customers.  

Ultimately, we continue to focus on making it easy for customers to identify their partners based on their unique business needs. We’re fostering a relatable approach that simplifies the customer experience and eliminates friction between partners, Ceridian, and our customers.


[1] Lisa Rowan, Worldwide and U.S. Human Capital Management and Payroll Applications Forecast, 2021–2025, IDC, July 2021. Please note the data referenced exists behind the hyperlinked paywall.

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