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October 3, 2023

Welcome to a Brand New Dayforce

Today, Ceridian announced plans to transition the company’s brand to Dayforce, expected to become effective in January 2024. Chief Marketing and Communications Officer Eric Glass shares background on the decision and what customers can expect from a Brand New Dayforce.


As someone who has spent a career in Marketing and Communications, I believe the value, promise, and potential of a brand can fuel both your purpose and profession. Nearly everything about an organization can be summarized by what the brand stands for and how the brand is experienced. It’s the way people talk about the company, its culture, its values, and its products. It’s the way it shows up in the world – how it makes you feel or makes a moment better. Perhaps most importantly, it’s the lasting impact a brand can have on you. When positive, a lifetime can be spent with a brand you love – it can bring comfort, joy, security, and even success.

When I joined Ceridian nearly three years ago, I felt that. I saw the potential of the products, the commitment of the team, and the value customers were realizing. I believed in the promise we made to the world – Makes Work Life Better™. And I wanted to be part of it.

To continue fulfilling that promise – we at Ceridian knew our brand needed to evolve. Today’s world of work is incredibly complex, with new forces and questions coming at organizations from every angle at an accelerated pace. To further the value we delivered to customers facing this complexity crisis – we needed to infuse simplicity at every touchpoint in the customer experience. That includes our brand, as we’ve had two powerful names in market often used synonymously: Ceridian and Dayforce.

Ceridian is an established human capital management (HCM) name with a rich history. But our flagship platform – Dayforce – represented our future. Dayforce had become trusted by a community of thousands of customers and their employees globally. And it had grown into a cloud HCM system synonymous with innovation and excellence. Dayforce is where the company’s revenue is largely focused and where product investment is going. In short, Dayforce represents our company, products, and community at their best.

With this backdrop, I couldn’t be prouder to announce that Ceridian will become Dayforce, with a rollout expected in January 2024. From top to bottom, we will unify as one Dayforce community – bringing greater clarity to our customers, partners, employees, and the market. We’re making the announcement at INSIGHTS 2023, our annual customer conference, where thousands are gathered to explore “A Brand New Dayforce,” the theme of the conference. This, of course, represents the transformation of the brand, but so much more.

As Dayforce, our brand promise Makes Work Life Better™ – doesn’t just remain, it gets louder. It is our firm belief that with our entire community now connected under one brand, one powerful platform, and one purpose – we can further achieve that ambition, together.

What’s next

We know you may have questions, and we are here to help guide customers and other stakeholders through this. You can read our FAQ here, which will continue to be updated through this transition. And of course, we will continue to proactively update all audiences every step of the way.

In the meantime, we want our customers in particular to know that as they navigate this new world of work, they have a partner that is doubling down on what it takes to make work life better. From the innovation furthering Dayforce as their go-to global people platform, to the exceptional experiences we are creating for them and their people throughout our journey together, this evolution has them as the driving force and core of the global community we are evolving and are rallying around.

There is so much to look forward to, but for now, let me be the very first to welcome you to a Brand New Dayforce. We’ve never been more excited, prepared, or united in our journey together.

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