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September 29, 2017

The Benefits of a Mobile-Empowered Workforce: What Heritage Golf Group Learned

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In today’s changing work environment, investing in technology to help manage a remote workforce and streamline business processes is a no-brainer. From a workforce management standpoint, the increasingly digital world we work in requires real-time communication with employees, from inputting their hours worked to setting clear expectations for their day-to-day tasks.

When I first started working in payroll, we had two systems – time and attendance, and payroll – that didn’t talk to each other. I did everything manually and was a one-woman show – and spent four days every pay period strictly doing payroll. With an employee demographic that ranged from 18 to 84 years old (really – 84!), there was a lot of room for error and a lot of time spent chasing people down due to manual processes, missed punches and time-off requests.

Implementing mobile solutions has helped solve the challenges that come with managing a remote workforce, and reduced the time and error that often result from using a manual, legacy system. The impact has been positive across our entire organization; notably, we’ve seen an increase in employee engagement which has, in turn, improved our efficiency. Here are some of the things we learned by implementing mobile HCM solutions:

There Is More Time to Do More

The time I’ve gotten back after cutting payroll from four days to one day has meant that I have more time to evaluate and continue to improve our workforce processes  interact with employees and roll out new initiative and programs. We recently rolled out a wellness program, which I had been sitting on for a year, because I previously didn’t have time. From the perspective of our remote employees, using web clocks allows them to clock in and out anywhere from their phones (instead of using paper timesheets). Again, this reduces the amount of time required to chase people down if their time is missing, not to mention saves on office supply costs.

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Our Workforce is More Empowered

We have noticed a big difference in employee morale since adopting mobile HCM technologies, and that comes from the ownership our employees felt when we rolled out self-service. People are much more proactive. The greater benefit, outside of the workplace, is that employees who were previously apprehensive about technology – or had never used computers – have gained the confidence to set themselves up with technology in their personal lives. They’ve applied the experience of feeling like a rock star at work to their daily lives.

The process for new hires has completely changed the game for us. With our manual system, it was challenging to keep track of paperwork and the status of a new hire. Now, everything is in real-time, so I can see where they are in the onboarding process, where their paperwork is, and what their status is.

Onboarding in this way can change a company. Employees feel that they have some control, and they get to know their team as a human, not a number. They are able to access the resources they need in one place. Our younger employees in particular were quick to adopt and support using this system.

Communication is More Structured and Efficient

With one system that works together, not only do I have a better hold on my workforce, but there’s more ease and a better sense of security through the whole organization. In addition to fewer errors and time saved, managers are able to forecast payroll because of the real-time view.

This has also changed the way we communicate with our employees, and has made it easier to do so. For example, we can communicate with them directly versus going through their managers. We’re also able to provide training and resources, and set clear expectations. I never hear, “I didn’t know” anymore. This has embedded a sense of structure.

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