Sook Convery

Operations Manager, Dayforce Cares (formerly)


Sook Convery was formerly the Operations Manager of Dayforce Cares. In addition to her duties as a positive ambassador and spokesperson for the Canadian charity, she oversaw all operations and granting committees. She worked with volunteers and our Board of Directors across the country to improve the quality of life in communities by providing financial assistance to individuals and families that need it most. She had been with Dayforce for over 11 years with a short break in 2015 to pursue her passion for sports, leading volunteers at Toronto’s Pan Am Games. Based out of Toronto, when she’s not blogging about Dayforce Cares or meeting with various Dayforce Cares stakeholders in the community you can find her enjoying good eats at local restaurants, having near-death experiences at Bootcamp classes or hacking her way through a golf course!