The Dayforce Difference

Simplicity at scale

Today’s boundless workforce looks nothing like the past. It’s borderless, always-on, and everchanging. You need an HCM solution that can handle that complexity and adapt with you. Powered by AI, Dayforce is the global people platform that delivers simplicity at scale, with payroll, HR, benefits, talent, and workforce management all in one place to help your people and business thrive.

Rise above complex people processes

Strengthen your payroll  

Reduce errors and risk while prioritising privacy and security. Dayforce does it all.

Get real-time insights 

With a trusted AI foundation and singular data model, Dayforce helps surface key insights so you can make decisions with clarity. 

Empower your people  

Deliver personalised people experiences that delight your employees. Automate time-consuming tasks, offer self-service and free up time for strategic work. 

Drive sustained ROI 

Minimise risk as you modernise. Dayforce helps lower your cost structure and embrace the increasingly automated future. 

Run globally 

Tap into any labour market with help from our global HR ecosystem. Get local expertise at global scale with trusted partners and powerful technology. 

Partner with a compliance leader 

Keep up with changing regulations with help from a recognised leader in compliance.  

Trusted by 6 Million Users Worldwide

What We Offer

Streamline HR and Empower People

Simplify your HR practices with the all-in-one platform that helps you to manage key HR information, streamline administration and uncover critical insights. 

“Since Dayforce is a single system in the cloud, we're able to maintain all our data in one platform. This gives us quicker processing, and all different facets of the system really speak to each other very well and very quickly.”

Meredith Durbin

Senior Director of HRIS and Payroll

What We Offer

Attract, develop and retain top talent  

Deliver tailored talent experiences, make data-driven decisions and unlock the full potential of your workforce with Dayforce Talent.

“Dayforce Talent will bear a lot of fruit for us. We’re really looking forward to using the predictive software and analytics to make better choices with our recruitment and limit the amount of administrative work that our recruiters have to do.”

Don Stewart

Senior HRIS Analyst

What We Offer

Pay Accurately and Efficiently

Run payroll with confidence with a unified platform for time and pay. Streamline compliance and scale with ease in more than 200 countries and territories.
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“Continuous calculation is, I think, one of the single biggest innovations in the payroll industry that I've ever seen. It completely challenges the notion that in a two-week payroll cycle you have to spend eleven days gathering inputs and three days sprinting to completion. What used to take hours, maybe even days, now takes minutes and seconds.”

Vinny Johar

Global Head of Reward Operations

What We Offer

Unlock agile workforce management 

Cut down your operating costs and make more efficient labour decisions. Dayforce helps optimise your operations for a happier, more productive workforce. 
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“Dayforce is really clever in identifying trends week-over-week and it's actually more accurate than I found myself to be. Dayforce really understands our trade patterns and can help to find efficiencies in scheduling hour by hour.”

Lauren Dent

People System Manager

What We Offer

Make data-driven HR decisions 

Generate actionable insights from your data so that you can retain your people, drive productivity and boost performance. 

“Having real-time access to Dayforce data has enabled us to reduce our labour spend by 4%, which is equivalent to approximately $1.2 million annualised.”​

Matthew Parker


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