Mastering the balancing act: Drive workforce priorities and boost performance

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Gain insights on what employees want through the findings of the 14th Annual Pulse of Talent research and what it means for today’s organisations​

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‚ÄčIn the 14th Annual Pulse of Talent survey conducted by Dayforce across 8,500+ employees worldwide, we explored the employee perspective of how well employers are navigating this balancing act. The findings show that many employees feel their employer’s priorities are tipping out of balance and away from their best interests amid rapid change. While employers are understandably focused on boosting productivity in today’s complex business environment, how they are pursuing it may be creating hidden costs that work against them, such as turnover, increased stress, and declining motivation.

Watch this discussion and discover how HR leaders can navigate and strike a balance between seemingly competing priorities to drive high performance as they face a once-in-a-generation moment to shape the world of work.

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