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Speed up your time to value with a best-practise based implementation of Dayforce.
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HCM implementation services based on proven best practices

Choosing an HCM solution is a critical decision for any organisation to make. We know it affects your entire business and the experience of every employee - and that’s why we’re here to help you to realise value from Dayforce quickly, starting with a successful launch experience.
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Get professional guidance

Be supported by professionals who understand Dayforce, your industry and how to help you to work smarter and faster so you can reach your goals.

Reduce your risk

Leverage our proven best practices and extensive experience from thousands of successful deployments to help lower your costs and reduce risk. 

Empower your teams

Drive Dayforce engagement and adoption across your workforce with a wide range of education and training to help you to make the best use of your investment.  

Dayforce Methodology

Implement Dayforce with confidence

A successful Dayforce implementation is the foundation of a great partnership. We developed our standardised methodology and technology-enabled toolset to help you to deliver a smooth and successful go-live experience.
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Use proven best practices

Our consistent, reliable methodology and toolset result in 50% fewer support cases post go-live.*
Ceridian Business Insights, Feb. 2023
*Compared with customers that do not use Dayforce Activate for their implementation

Get support all the way

Our proprietary toolset guides you through implementation step by step to help you to go live faster.

Refine to quickly realise value

With pre-configured rules and pre-built datasets, you can refine your configuration versus starting from scratch.

Integration Studio

Easily integrate Dayforce with your existing tech stack

Meet Integration Studio: our modern, in-product solution that helps ensure Dayforce plays nice with your existing tech stack. Easily create, manage and deploy integrations between Dayforce and your other systems to get quick access to your data when and how you need it.
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Deploy integrations quickly

Reduce the time required to implement integrations with our in-product experience that’s easy to use.

Access the data you need

Accelerate your digital transformation with unlimited access to Dayforce data using Integration Studio.

Own your integrations

Orchestrate your own integrations with a prebuilt connector or a customised integration in a low code setting.

Education and Training

Unlock greater value with education and training

Get indispensable training and guidance right from the start. With comprehensive training from our professionals, you can help to prepare your teams for a successful roll-out and ramp up your employees straightaway to reap the value of Dayforce.
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“I've been a part of a lot of enterprise-level implementations and without a doubt, the Dayforce implementation team was one of the strongest, if not the strongest I've ever worked with. And it made a huge difference. The quality of the implementation, the knowledge of the team, the way that they were able to flex their implementation schedules to meet our needs was really amazing. The quality of that implementation has a lot to do with the success we've had with the software over time. One of the finest implementation teams I've ever worked with.”

Vinny Johar

Global Head of Reward Operations

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