14th Annual Pulse of Talent: Malaysia

Learn how Malaysian employers can balance business excellence and employee well-being.

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Key challenges and opportunities for Malaysian employers

Strategies to optimize your workforce for higher performance

Expert tips to bring business and employee needs into balance

Today’s organisations are navigating a complicated balancing act between employee flexibility and meticulous compliance, empathy and efficiency, and worker expectations and budget realities.  

The great balancing act is a struggle for employers around the globe. But for Malaysian organisations, we see some key differences in the challenges and opportunities specific to this region.  

As part of Dayforce’s 14th Annual Pulse of Talent survey, we asked over 1,000 Malaysian workers about their experiences in today’s new world of work – and how employers can seize new opportunities while conquering workforce challenges. 

Download our Pulse of Talent spotlight on Malaysia to learn why balancing business and employee needs is so critical and how your organisation can achieve that middle ground.

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