Create a connected employee experience 

Make it easy to deliver timely updates to your people with employee experience software.  
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Meet People Experience, your hub for HR communications

Keep your people connected with the help and information they need at their fingertips. Dayforce People Experience provides easy-to-use communication tools, so you can deliver timely updates and your employees can find help faster.
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Keep employees informed

Share relevant updates with your people all in one place to help streamline communication.

Put company information front and center during times of change with Dayforce’s customizable home page. 

Highlight time-sensitive initiatives, like open enrollment, ESG initiatives, or new programs to keep employees connected.

Cater to your people with personalized content that addresses questions that are top-of-mind.

Make answers easy to find

Empower employees to find the forms, people, and policies they need in just a few clicks.

Help your people quickly locate important information with intelligent search. 

Reduce traffic to the HR inbox with a true knowledge center for everything HR, including features that surface frequently accessed information.

Help employees get human support when they need it with streamlined case management.

Experience Hub

Get the right information in front of the right people

Provide your people with the modern communication they’re looking for. With Experience Hub, your people can access personalized content just for them, find information about time-sensitive tasks, and get answers to pressing questions.
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Personalized content

Create tailored content for employees based on role, location, and more so you can help ensure direct and relevant communication.

Intelligent search

Help your people find meaningful content faster with our intelligent search system that uses natural language processing.

Mobile optimized

Mobile-friendly templates and configurable widgets let you meet the needs of your employees when they’re on the go.

Task automation

Automate tasks and workflows so that employees get alerts when it’s time to fill out important HR forms.

Customizable templates

Stay on brand with customizable templates and configurable widgets so you can design your HR home page in an impactful way.

Engaging home page

Share new and important information with a home page that provides personalized information to your people. 

HR Knowledge Management

Help your people find the answers they need 

Finding the right forms doesn’t have to be frustrating. Transform Dayforce into a true HR knowledge center for your employees, making it easier to find the information they need – without having to contact HR. 

Store information about benefits, wellness programs, company policies, and more on one common HR platform.

Enable employees to manage self-service tasks with access to support and FAQ content.

Highlight frequently accessed information to help reduce questions to the HR inbox.

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HR Service Delivery

Resolve HR cases faster

Address your employee needs. Boost HR efficiency. It’s a win-win. HR Service Delivery empowers your people to contact HR directly – but not before showing them helpful content that can proactively resolve their concerns.  

Reduce the number of HR cases with informational pages to help resolve your peoples’ needs.

Route HR cases to the right people on your HR team, based on pre-determined rules that you establish.

Quickly – and securely – resolve HR cases with the information you need logged in one place.

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Why our customers love Dayforce Global Payroll

“We rely heavily on technology like Dayforce to meet the demands of today’s workforce. Engagement is a big buzzword, and Dayforce is a huge tool in that fight to keep employees engaged. Engagement starts from the first time they apply to that job or the first time the recruiter reaches out to them, not when they walk in the door for their first day of work.”

Don Stewart

Senior HRIS Analyst

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Frequently asked questions

What is “people experience?”

Simply put, people experience is the holistic view of work life within your organization. It can consist of everything from routine interactions with the physical and virtual elements of your workspace to your organization's culture and communication style.

How does Dayforce support the people experience?

Within Dayforce, People Experience is a combination of features that increases HR’s ability to communicate and deliver important HR-related information to the right people at the right time.

Whenever anyone in an organization interacts with company information, completes assigned tasks, or fills out engagement surveys, it should happen in a simple, easy-to-use platform. If high-quality workplace engagement is core to your employer brand, you can use people experience tools to present tailor-made opportunities for company engagement.

How can I get Dayforce People Experience software?

The features that encompass Dayforce People Experience are purchased as part of a larger Dayforce package. A sales representative can work with you to discuss the needs of your company, help determine the right product and feature mix, talk through implementation, and create a contract.

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