Deliver exceptional learning experiences

Foster growth, empower your team and create a culture of continuous learning and development with Dayforce.  
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Provide the learning opportunities your people are looking for

Give your team the tools and training they need to achieve their goals. With flexible, varied content options to meet individual learning styles, Dayforce Learning helps your people gain the skills they need to succeed in today’s world of work.
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Engage and empower your team

Make learning an interactive, engaging experience that becomes part of employees' daily routines. 

Embed education into key stages of the employee lifecycle, starting from day one.

Allow staff to take a self-directed approach to learning, deciding what, when and how they learn.

Empower and retain your people by giving them total visibility into their development.

Build leaders from within

Accelerate career growth by catering to individual learning styles. 

Develop leaders with learning that works in tandem with Performance, Career Intelligence and Succession Planning.

Encourage your team to self-enrol in courses to expand their knowledge outside of their field.

Identify skill gaps and certification requirements and train your staff accordingly.

Learning management software that does it all

Set your team up for success with learning opportunities that help upskill your workforce and meet compliance requirements.  
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Ensure that all employee credentials are up to date. With active alerts, managers and employees can get a head start before certifications expire.

Coach and share

Enable employees to share insights and best practices in a single platform. Assign coaching roles to subject matter experts to help educate and mentor other employees. 

Course catalogues

Create rich course catalogues and learning plans for your various departments. Employees can also select courses to expand their knowledge outside of their field, resulting in a more well-rounded team. 

Progress tracking

Get complete visibility into employee progress within the learning management software, so you can make sure your staff meets their various learning milestones.  

Learning plans

Provide a clear path for development with learning plans and channels employees can subscribe to. Employees can also create their own paths as part of their education planning.

Learning app

Help your people learn on the go. Employees can pre-download content so they can continue learning even without data or an internet connection.


Dayforce helps your organisation address compliance requirements with extensive reporting capabilities, saving you time, money and energy. 

Social learning

Empower employees to create and share content, get answers from their peers and subject matter experts and gather information directly from the source.  

Traditional learning

Provide formal training options that appeal to all learning styles, including e-learning, classroom and webinar courses.  

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Why our customers love Dayforce

“Working with our employees and developing career pathways has been one of the ways we’ve tried to strengthen engagement and limit turnover. Dayforce is vital to these efforts, especially Dayforce Learning, where we’ve been able to curate courses and training directly in the Dayforce mobile app.”​

Don Stewart

Senior HRIS Analyst, JB Poindexter

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