Track time efficiently with time clock software

Make every minute count with Dayforce Time Clocks, the modern time-clocking solution that lets your worldwide team track hours worked anytime, anywhere. 


Simplify clocking in and out  

Say goodbye to chasing paper trails and using physical time cards. Track the right hours worked and help prevent lost wages with Dayforce.    

Help your company track time more effectively 

Choose from six different time clock solutions that meet industry standards. 

Reduce time clocking errors and increase accuracy with data you can count on. 

Save time and effort with smarter technology 

Update clocks to support changes in your company and adapt to your fluctuating needs. 

Skip the clocking-in process altogether with employee facial verification.  

Find the best time clock for your team   

Choose from a variety of time-clock machines and software. No matter your industry, work environment or staff size, we have the solution to keep your team happy and your time tracked.   
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Dayforce Touch  

Give your employees a modern version of a time-clock machine. Slender, lightweight and user-friendly, this durable and reliable device is an easy choice for your office, store and beyond.

Dayforce Mobile  

Offer flexibility to your staff with the Dayforce mobile app. From clocking in and out to transferring shifts, to viewing timestamp history and beyond, each employee can track productivity directly on their mobile device.  

Dayforce Web Clock 

Streamline time tracking with this stand-alone, cloud-based clock. Designed to work from any web-enabled device, employees can clock in and out, start and end meals and more on their device of choice.

Dayforce Tuff  

Introducing a ruggedised version of the Dayforce Touch clock. Built to withstand inclement weather and other harsh work environments, it’ll keep your data safe - no matter what type of workplace. Choose to buy, lease or rent to own.

Dayforce Time Clock  

Want a solution made for your hourly workers? The Dayforce Time Clock offers the same functionality as the Web Clock — but is embedded directly within Dayforce. 

Facial verification  

Skip the clocking in process altogether with easy facial verification. Enable your employees to quickly clock in and out with modern technology.   

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“For us, it's such a novelty to be able to clock in and view everything on your phone. It's just not something we have in the workplace right now. So, from a brand point of view, employees have adapted, adopted and are efficiently using the [Dayforce] app.”

Heidi Bundren

Head of Business Process and HR Analytics

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