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May 30, 2024

Conquering workforce complexity in Singapore with Dayforce Payroll

There’s a growing complexity crisis for today’s Singaporean organisations, and it’s impacting their performance. Here’s how Dayforce can help.  

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At the recent HR Tech Festival Asia, we announced that Dayforce Payroll is now available in Singapore. This represents a key milestone in our growth journey, allowing us to better serve customers operating in Singapore and across Asia amid a growing complexity crisis.  

Today’s organizations are seeing an explosion of different worker types and an increasingly boundless workforce, making it more challenging than ever to pay people accurately, on time, and in line with ever-changing regulations. This is especially true in Singapore, one of the top locations for tech workers, expats, digital nomads, and gig workers. While the boundless workforce gives organisations in Singapore greater flexibility with hiring great talent, it also increases the complexity of workforce challenges that could impact business results. In our latest Executive Survey, 98% of leaders in Singapore said they expect workforce challenges will limit organisational performance, with 54% citing increasing regulatory changes as their top concern, followed by engagement and retention challenges (43%). 

98% of leaders in Singapore said they expect workforce challenges will limit organisational performance.

Payroll teams bear the brunt of these complexities, particularly in a diverse work environment such as Singapore. Regulations can change, and payroll teams must be on top of these changes to reduce their organisation’s risk. However, they are often burdened with manual processes and legacy technology, limiting the team’s ability to process payroll efficiently, resulting in costly errors and increased vulnerability to risk. 85% of respondents from our Future of Payroll Survey said they have problems with their payroll technologies, with 34% saying that while they have the technology, it still requires too much manual effort.  

At Dayforce, we make work life better by turning complexity into clarity so your organisation can focus on what matters. By delivering simplicity at scale, we can help you operate with confidence, unlock more value, and realise your people potential. Here’s how Dayforce Payroll can help you streamline payroll, drive efficiency, and strengthen compliance in Singapore’s complex environment: 

Pay your people accurately and efficiently  

Processing payroll for growing organisations is a huge undertaking, and the work is often done in “batches” at a specific time every pay period. Dayforce changes the game by instantly calculating pay as data is captured, allowing payroll teams to review and verify as the data comes in. With integrated pay and time engines, issues can be identified and addressed early, prior to the end of the pay period. This gives your teams more flexibility in how and when they process payroll while worrying less about rework.  

Automating payroll processes can help improve efficiency, freeing payroll professionals from traditional challenges so they can focus on higher-value work. As keepers of vast amounts of data, your payroll teams can become strategic partners across the business by providing data-driven insights, identifying key trends, and resolving business-critical issues.  

Reduce exposure to risk 

Keeping up with changing legislation can be a full-time job, and this is on top of internal policies that also need to be considered. In Singapore alone, our in-house team of compliance professionals has tracked 23 regulatory changes in 2023 and is already monitoring nine for the first quarter of 2024. We’re dedicated to continuous compliance innovation to help you get ahead of the changes and operate with confidence.  With local and global governance embedded in our platform, the flexible rules engine can help handle regulatory changes on the fly, whether it’s a change in government policies or expanding into a new geography. 

Connected pay and time 

Labour is one of the highest controllable expenses for most organisations, and tracking time and pay for different types of workers is becoming increasingly complex. This becomes especially challenging when maintaining multiple systems across multiple vendors. 

An effective payroll strategy starts with real-time data. Dayforce unifies pay and time into one system to deliver streamlined and accurate pay. With data stored securely in one place, you can identify approved users to have access to various reports so they can gain a holistic look into the business, inform compensation strategy, optimise labour spending, and identify workforce patterns such as absenteeism.  

More than the data, having a single system also empowers your workforce with a mobile-first user experience and intuitive self-service experience so employees can manage their leave, change their shifts, access their payslips, and prioritise their well-being. 

Outsourced payroll expertise 

More organisations are shifting from administrative functions to strategic initiatives to stay ahead of the competition. Payroll is fundamental to a business, but it’s not most organisations’ core strength, so it has become one of the most frequently outsourced HR functions. Outsourcing payroll gives you more time to focus on your business while having experts take care of all the processing and admin work involved to make sure your employees get paid. 

With more than two decades of payroll experience throughout Asia, Dayforce Managed Services gives you a complete, managed solution for their payroll administration and proven best practices on top of award-winning technology. Tenured payroll professionals are ready to support your business with deep expertise, and a tiered service model provides support and guidance at every step of your journey, so you can refocus on what matters to your business. 

Unlock value and rise above the complexity crisis 

To conquer today’s complexity crisis in Singapore and across Asia, leaders need to invest in a solution that helps them run a global organisation to drive sustained growth while remaining flexible for an as-yet-defined future. With the right technology, organisations in Singapore can create consistent people experiences across job types and locations, improve global visibility, make data-driven decisions, and deliver on organisational performance goals with the help of workforce intelligence.  

To learn more about how Dayforce can help Singapore organisations thrive and grow in this new world of work, contact us or book a demo.  

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